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The legacy of an artist.  

Pilar Ribal. November 16th 2002. El Día del Mundo.


 "...From the beautiful geometries to the free compositions, from the monochrome to the sensual use of colour, his contribution will come to be a part of the history of printmaking as one of the most gorgeous and genuine ones....

...His close relationship to nature and the atelier’s surroundings are favorite topics in his productions. The diverse interpretations of landscape and sea in Mallorca by Baleta have a timeless character that protects them from the passing of time. "


Master Magí Baleta.
Cristina Ros. October 12th 2002. Última Hora.


 “The works shown… are not only witnesses to his highly skilled technique, but they also clearly demonstrate his artistic expression…”



Exhibition of Magí Baleta’s Work in Palma de Mallorca.
Cristina Ros. October 12th 2002. Diario de Mallorca.


 "...amongst others, the work of Magí Baleta is the result of the research of certain techniques, which enable him to explore new territories within his print work. It states that to produce printed art is always an indirect matter. His first engraving; the first test, is always good since he manages to surprise you. The second one is often seen rather negatively due to the strive for control. The rest of the engravings show the achievement of the results..."


Baleta’s engravings.
Editorial. La Vanguardia. November 2th 2001.


 "The most precious thing of oneself is that which remains unformulated”. The catalogue starts with this quote from Gide in this necessary exhibition of Magí Baleta (Barcelona, 1957-Mallorca, 1999), honoring in this way an artist who was excellent in an unfortunately underestimated discipline, printed art. 

He worked as a print maker for artist like Tápies, Palazuelo, Scully or Saura, but his most memorable work was his own engravings between the 80s and 90s. In this exhibition you can find all the artistic stages he went through: the mountains, volcanoes and other abstract landscapes, his last geometric structures, the engravings in sugar like the gentle "El Dorado II" or the spectacular "Bosc gran", the forests, the fields of colour like "El bosque del pajarito rojo", and finally his imaginary and fragmented architectures made with images of antique ambiguous objects with very successfully achieved warm shadowed range of colours.


Estudio grabados Magí Baleta

At the heart of the printmaker. 

Lourdes Durán. November 17th 2002. Diario de Mallorca.


 "...the friends and specially the work of this catalonia born artist who settled down on the island, speak about him almost three years later. You can hear the voices through the words of those who so dearly loved him. The images return though the creative print master Baleta was...

...His work reveals his person with every stroke. Through his labyrinthic silk screen printing and his evocative and gentle etchings from his earliest stage we come right into a categorical Magí Baleta, thus throwing a pulse to the point, the line and the plane"

Magí Baleta artista grabador
Magí Baleta en su estudio.
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