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Magí Baleta. Grabador. Artista.


"The print artist Magí Baleta was a passionate unwearying researcher in the field of the contemporary creative printed art. His unexpected death has left a great void behind but his legacy allows us to remember him. Besides the creation of his own work, elegant and precise as it is, Baleta helped fulfill the goals of artists like Tàpies, Plensa, Arroyo, Scully and many others within the scope of his Barcelona based studio, contributing thus to creativity and the constant exchange that is the actual essence of culture…"


Jordi Vilajoana.

Magí Baleta. Barcelona 2001.



"...Writing about Magi Baleta’s work is no easy task since his memmory presents itself like a conglomerate where art and life fuse into an inseparable harmony. His studio witnessed the converging of this harmony which came from the printed art that so filled his life. Therefore, the comment of his work is for us indiscernibly impregnated from the biographical fact. Thus, the distance and objectivity needed to establish a critical view or interpretation of his work, still haven't settled into place, thereby neutralizing itself from its absence with the passing of time.

...Those of us who knew how Magí engraved believe this piece of work cannot be left unrevealed or unseen for a number of reasons. Some of them are the 
Quality and far reaching sight concerning the challenge of printed art together with the rare compromise with an old occupation in an ever more media driven world immersed in images. Hence, this task not only deserved our admiration but this tribute as well..."


Antònia Vilà.
Magí Baleta. Barcelona 2001.




"...I believe Dashiell Hammett was thinking of Magí when he wrote: <<...and he vanished. He vanished like a fist disappears when you open your hand >>.  We still need to learn how to live without him."


Jaume Plensa. 
Magí Baleta. Barcelona 2001.


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